The Excise Revenue mainly emanates from the following sources.

a. Excise Duty and Additional Excise Duty (AED) on IML, Beer and Wine.

b. Licence fee on Distilleries, Breweries, Wineries and other IML/Beer/Wine Licences. (CL-2, CL-4,CL-7,CL-8,CL-9, RVB,Wine Tavern,Wine Boutique etc., )

c. Alcohol based chemical industries.

d. Fines, Fees and amount realised by confiscation of articles.

e. Miscellaneous.

     In addition to the revenue realised under the Karnataka Excise Act 1965, the State Government also get revenue under Medicinal and Toilet Preparation Act.

   The Excise Revenue in the State has seen a tremendous rise from ` 7.11 Crores during the Financial year 1967-68 to16483.75 Crores during    2016-17. The Budget Estimates for the financial year 2017-18 is ` 18050 Crores.